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RedTail sUAS
LiDAR Systems

Government and Defense LiDAR Solutions.
Providing the absolute best solutions available for the United States Department of Defense and Government operations.

Scanning – The Way It Was Meant To Be™

The lightweight RTL-450 LiDAR system integrates onto multiple sUAS platforms and generates high-resolution point clouds for government and defense applications.

High Point Density

High Point Density

Proprietary MEMS mirror LiDAR technology allows all laser pulses to be transmitted to the ground.

Accuracy + Precision

Accuracy + Precision

The RTL-450 utilizes dual-antenna GPS to enhance point cloud accuracy even when flying at low speeds.

High-Resolution Images

High-Resolution Images

Unrivaled data density and superior accuracy result in high-resolution point cloud images that capture details that competitors simply can’t.

Military & Goverment Applications

Government and Defense LiDAR Solutions

The future of UAV LiDAR mapping has landed.

NDAA 848 Compliant | Safety Reviewed by U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command | Laser Safety Approval by U.S. Army Public Health Center


RedTail LiDAR System (RTL-450)

The innovative and lightweight RTL-450 is made in the USA and is designed to operate independently of the sUAS, facilitating quick and efficient integration onto user-selected sUAS platforms.


Lidar Unit Weight (with dual GPS Antenna)2.2 kg (4.8 lbs)
Dimensions9.4" L x 4.6" W x 4.6" H
Max Range to 20% Reflective Targets (e.g. grass, vegetation)120 meters (400 feet)
Max Range to 80% Reflective Targets (e.g. white surfaces)160 meters (525 feet)
Wavelength1550 nm
Pulse Repetition Rates100, 200, or 400 kHz
Scan Rate200 lines/sec
Returns Per Pulse3
Measurement Rate1 million points/second
Power45 Watt
GNSS/IMUApplanix APX-18
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RedTail LiDAR technology licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory; U.S. Patent Number 10,444,330 B2. Scanning - the way it was meant to be is a trademarked slogan of RedTail LiDAR Systems. Specifications are subject to change.