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© 2019 4D Tech Solutions, Inc.RedTail LiDAR Systems is a business division of 4D Tech Solutions, Inc. RedTail LiDAR technology licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory; U.S. Patent Number 10,444,330 B2. Scanning - the way it was meant to be is a trademarked slogan of RedTail LiDAR Systems. Specifications subject to change.

High Resolution Images 

Superior Range 

High Point Density

Scanning - the way it was meant to be



Application Examples

In my many years of working in the area of remote sensing and GIS, this is the first time I’ve used a LiDAR system that is easy to use and which delivers high quality data efficiently and effectively.  The high resolution point clouds generated by the RedTail LiDAR system let us perform superior natural resource analysis."   

 Dr. Paul Kinder

 Director, Natural Resource Analysis Center 

 West Virginia University 


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