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Dr. Stephen Pledgie joins RedTail as Vice President

Dr. Stephen Pledgie joins RedTail as Vice President


In a significant corporate move, Dr. Stephen Pledgie has been appointed as the new Vice President of RedTail Lidar Systems, a role that promises to harness his technical expertise and strategic insights in imaging systems and the computer vision industry. Mark Evans, Director of Operations at RedTail, has expressed high confidence in Dr. Pledgie's appointment, remarking, "I have been very fortunate to work with Dr. Stephen Pledgie who recently joined our team in the role of Vice President. His extensive background in advanced analytics will significantly enhance the utility of our Next Generation small form factor LiDAR sensor, which is currently in development. The upcoming system is set to deliver unmatched high-definition 3D images and fully-automated point cloud colorization with fused visible and multispectral imagery. We’re not just enhancing our technology; we’re reimagining the potential of 3D imaging. Dr. Pledgie’s vision will take RedTail LiDAR to the next level as a world-class innovator in 3D sensing technologies."

Dr. Pledgie joined RedTail in January 2024 from Accenture Federal Services where he served as a Senior Menager and led work for the Department of Justice in data architecture transformation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He brings more than two decades of experience in robotics, advanced sensing, and automated perception in complex environments. Seasoned in business development and program management, Dr. Pledgie has the business acumen and technical skills necessary to lead RedTail to new heights as its LiDAR technology takes hold. He is eager to position RedTail as a unique provider of advanced LiDAR-based solutions that offer actionable insights to users tackling problems of national significance.

Dr. Pledgie’s educational accolades include a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Science in Biomechanics & Movement Science from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware. He has authored numerous publications that span a broad range of topics from video surveillance metrics to airspace management, gravity-compensated mechanisms, and pathological tremor suppression.

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