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DLA TLS - Where to Buy

The RedTail LiDAR RTL-450 is available for procurement through the Defense Logistics Agency Tailored Logistics Support (DLA TLS) program. Please contact our sales office for specific guidance on how use DLA TLS”.

The DLA SOE TLS program is supported by 4 Prime Vendors, who have been awarded contracts to provide procurement paths for equipment, training, and services for items as determined by DLA. Customers are able to contact these vendors directly to obtain assistance. Links to those distributors are below.

Our system is also available through Direct Commercial Sales and can be purchased by contacting our Sales Department at (304) 306-2396 or email to

Where to Buy

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RedTail LiDAR technology licensed from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory; U.S. Patent Number 10,444,330 B2. Scanning - the way it was meant to be is a trademarked slogan of RedTail LiDAR Systems. Specifications are subject to change.