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RTL-450 - A turn-key UAV LiDAR solution

RedTail’s integration process provides world-class turn-key solutions. The RTL-450 is system agnostic, allowing the customer to select their UAV of choice. The RedTail team provides all mounting, calibration, testing, and hands-on training to ensure the customer’s UAV LiDAR system is ready to go from day one.

Processing Software

RedTail provides a lifetime license for our processing software. Our software, the RedTail Point Cloud generator (RTL-PCG), outputs a geo-referenced .las file.

UAV Mounting

RedTail provides mounting, calibration, and boresighting to ensure the RTL-450 works perfectly right out of the box. 


RedTail’s patented LiDAR sensor was designed and optimized for use on UAVs. The integrated APX-18 GNSS/IMU makes the RTL-450 the ultimate drone LiDAR package. 

Unprecedented Data Density

The RTL-450 evenly distributes all data points on the ground, resulting in unprecedented data densities and point cloud resolution.

Extremely Light Weight

The RTL-450 unit weighs only 4.2 lbs. allowing for integration on a large variety of UAV platforms.

Dual Antennas

The dual antennas come standard on the APX-18 increasing GPS accuracy, even when hovering.

RedTail’s Workflow Process

A key objective during the design and development of the RedTail LiDAR system was to simplify the data collection and processing workflow. The UAV LiDAR sensor and ground control station work seamlessly together to create the ultimate user experience for 3D mapping.

01 Flight Planning

Users select their flight planning software based on their personal preferences.

02 RedTail LiDAR Setup

The setup of the RTL-450 generally takes one person 5 minutes or less.

03 Fly and Monitor

Operation of the RTL-450 and UAV can easily be performed by one user.

04 Data Processing

RedTail provides all software needed to quickly and efficiently generate .las files.

05 Data Analysis

.las files are simply imported into customer-selected data analysis tools.

06 Analysis Products

The final analysis is delivered with complete confidence knowing the RTL-450 has collected high-resolution, high-accuracy data.

RTL-450 Specifications

Lidar Unit Weight4.2 lbs
Dimensions9.4" L x 4.6" W x 4.6" H
Max Altitude400 ft
Wavelength1550 nm
Pulse Repetition Rate400 kHz (max)
Scan Rate100 lines/sec
Returns Per Pulse5 (max)
Measurement Rate1 million points/second
Power45 Watts
GNSS/IMUApplanix APX-18
RedTail LiDAR System (RTL-450)
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UAV Options

We offer several UAV integration options for the RTL-450.  If your current UAV is not on this list, contact us today for custom integration options.

FLIR SkyRaider R80D
RTL-450 Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

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RTL-450 Commercial Applications

Military Applications

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See how the RTL-450 will optimize UAV LiDAR mapping for your business.

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